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Hiring Our Placerville Limo Service

Where to Go In our Placerville Limo

As El Dorado County’s seat, Placerville is a small city with about 10,000 residents, according to the census in 2010. It was previously known as Dry Diggin during the California Gold Rush. In 1849, the town was known as “Hangtown” because a lot of people were hanged there. A year after, churches and the temperance league requested for a different name. It was only in 1854 when the name was changed to the City of Placerville, coinciding with its incorporation.

What You Need To Know About the City before Touring It in our Placerville Limo

Being the central hub of mining operations, the town of Placerville offered different services like a general store, a market, a bank, lodges, and transportation. If you’re going to tour the city in our Placerville limo, you have to visit the Gold Bug Park & Mine, a museum which documents the history of mining in the area.

You can visit Apple Hill, a region found in the east of Placerville because you’ll fine quality wine there. Wineries like Granite Springs, Lava Cap, Boeger, Jodar, and Crystal Basin are popular tourist attractions. The wines produced in Apple Hill are known to be distinctly flavorful and vibrantly delicious. Because it was previously known as “Hangtown”, a tour around the city in our Placerville limo will bring you to the area where they used to hang people in public.

When Is the Best Time to take our Placerville Limo Tour

Like any other place in California, Placerville has a Mediterranean climate. It is usually dry in summer, and wet and cool in winter. You can actually visit the city anytime you wish. You can even bring the whole family because they will surely enjoy touring the city in our Placerville limo.

There are so many sporting, recreational, and cultural activities scheduled in the city all year round. You’ll find lodging, museums, and historic tours which will bring you back to the time when gold was discovered. Kayaking and white-water rafting are also popular activities on the American river. If you love outdoor activities, you can take your family on biking, hiking, and camping tours.

There are also farmer’s markets and Farm Trails tours which support the region’s different agricultural industries and products. You can visit the Apple Hill Growers for Christmas trees, wines, and apples. You can take your family to fine dining restaurants, and art and antique shops. You can even rent our Placerville limo service to take you to Lake Tahoe for golfing, camping, boating, fishing, casino gambling, snowboarding, and skiing. Lake Tahoe is just a 2-hour drive from Placerville.

If your kids want to visit parks, you can instruct our Placerville limo chauffeur to bring you to Benham Park, Duffy Park, Gold Bug, Lions Park, and Lumsden Park. If you want to tour the city safely, conveniently, and in style, you’ll never go wrong in choosing our limo service Placerville. The uniformed chauffeur has been trained professionally so that you can be assured that he can bring you to your destinations without any hassle. You and your family can have a pleasurable stay in Placerville without worrying about your means of transportation.

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