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Hiring Our Napa Limo Service

The City of Napa has about 77,000 people according to the 2010 census. It is the county seat of the County of Napa in California. Incorporated in 1872, the city is the state’s 100th biggest city. If you intend to visit the city, you can take advantage of the safe and convenient Napa limo service.

When to Visit the City in our Napa Limo

If you visit the city, you have to know that its winters are often wet and cool while its summers can be dry and very warm. You can schedule your Napa visit anytime of the year because of its temperate climate. You really don’t have to worry about the Napa weather when you time your visit. If you visit during the summer, you can hire our Napa limo service to take you around the city. You’ll surely find the trip enjoyable because you’ll seat comfortably at the back.

What You Have To Know Before You Tour the City in our Napa Limo

The Napa name is believed to have come from a village south of Napa where cougars, grizzlies, deer, and elk populated the area with residents. In 1823, Native American Indians lived in the area and were converted when Spanish priests started arriving. During the 1830s, American farmers came to live in the vicinity. Napa became a territory of California when the latter became a state in 1849.

Nathan Coombs is regarded to be the founder of the City of Napa in 1847. He got the property on a land grant from Nicolas Higuera. Harrison Pierce built Napa’s 1st business which turned out to be a saloon. Our Napa limo service can take you around the vineyards of Napa Valley as well as the historical sites in the city of Napa.

Where to Go When You Ride in out Napa Limo

The City of Napa is famous for its Victorian buildings and houses. The city’s streets tell a lot about its history. The Holden Mansion, which was built in 1886, is found on the streets of Franklin and Pine while Sawyer Tannery on South Coombs Street is regarded as the birthplace of the city’s leather. It was built in 1869. Our Napa limo service can take you to these places.

The workshop of Edwin Pridham and Peter Jensen is also in Napa. These two Napa residents are regarded as the inventors of loudspeaker in 1915 and are also known as the founders of Magnavox. Great wines were first commercially made on Patchett Street while a beautiful stone structure known as Sam Kee Laundry is on the streets of Clinton and Main. Actually, it is now owned by Vintner’s Collective. Our Napa limo tours can take you to these historical sites around the city and on our Napa Valley Wine Tours.

An Opera House was founded in 1879 and can be found on Main Street while the County Courthouse is on Brown Street. The latter was also established on the same year as the Opera House. The Goodman Library, considered as California’s oldest library, is still existing up to this day. It was founded in 1901 and located on First Street. The Napa County Historical Society is also located in the library building. A Firefighters Museum is located on Main Street and houses various fire equipment and tools. If you plan on touring the city of Napa, be sure to take our Napa limo tour.

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