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Hiring Our Marysville Limo Service

Located in Yuba County, California, Marysville has about 12,000 residents according to the 2010 census. There are so many sites to visit in Marysville because the city is rich in cultural resources like the Marysville Historic Commercial District, the Marysville Main Post Office, The Castle, the Packard Library, the Mary Aaron Museum, the Hart Building, the Forbes House, the Ellis Building, the Decker-Jewett Bank, the Bok Kai Temple, the State Theater, and the Hotel Marysville. If you’re going to visit the city, be sure to take advantage of our Marysville limo service so that you can travel conveniently and in style.

The Best Season to Go Around the City in a Marysville Limo

Marysville is basically dominated by White Americans and Hispanics. Climate is very much like in the Mediterranean where summers are usually dry and hot, and winters are usually wet and mild. The wettest month is January, and the hottest and driest month is July. Wet season is usually from October to April while dry season is from June to September. Be sure to remember these pieces of information because it can help you when you tour the city in our Marysville limo service.

Where to Go When You Ride in our Marysville Limo

You can check the Mary Aaron Memorial Museum if you’re in Marysville. The museum was the 1st brick house in the city and was built in 1855. It is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. It is currently under the city’s trust. In the museum, you’ll find furnishings, clothing, and photographs of local residents including Chinese communities which aided in the establishment of the city.

The Bok Kai Temple, on the other hand, was originally built in 1854 for the Chinese communities. According to Chinese religion, the temple houses the god of water, Bok Eye, who has the power over the rains. If you’re interested to visit the temple, it is suggested that you use our Marysville limo service because it can get you to the temple conveniently and quickly. Although the Bok Kai Festival doesn’t have a fixed date, it is great to visit the city when it celebrates it with a parade. You’ll see dance groups, floats, antique cars, fire trucks, and marching bands during the parade at the historic downtown. At the end of the festival, handmade bombs are lighted in a roped area.

Another popular place to visit in the city is Ellis Lake, which is surrounded by sidewalks and lush greenery. John McLaren designed the beautiful lake from an unsightly swamp. The lake was named after W. T. Ellis, Jr. A lighting display became a focal point since the latter part of 2007. It can be viewed between 8pm to 12mn every day of the year. The limo service Marysville is the perfect means of transportation in visiting the lake.

Why Ride in our Marysville Limo when Touring the City

Our Marysville limo service is your best means of transportation when you visit the city. It provides a uniformed chauffeur who ensures that you reach your destinations safely and on time. The chauffeur knows his way around the city so you can just settle comfortably in the plush seat at the back. Our Marysville limo service provides utmost convenience and pleasure as you move around the city in style.

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