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Hiring Our Granite Bay Limo Service

Located in Placer County, California, Granite Bay is home to tourist destinations such as Lakeside Galleries, Folsom Dam, and a couple of lakes where you could go fishing and where you can spend time relaxing away from the hustle and bustle of the city. If you are from the area or are planning to visit and do not want to commute, then you definitely need a car rental service that would cater to your every need. Our Granite Bay Limo rental service is the perfect fit for you.

What’s great about our Granite Bay Limo service is the fact that you can rent a limo for a day, for a special event, or for even just an hour or two. You can choose from either a Stretch Limousine which can hold up to nine passengers; the H2 Hummer Limousine which can hold up to eighteen passengers, the Ford Excursion Limousine which seats up to twelve passengers; a passenger van for fourteen passengers; a mini coach for thirty one passengers; a limo bus for twenty-four passengers; and smaller limos for four to six passengers such as the Lincoln Town Car, Mercedes S550 and the Luxury SUV. Surely, there’s a Granite Bay Limo that’s perfect for you and your posse!

There are also so many Granite Bay Limo packages that you can choose from. If you are having some fun with your friends and would like to do some bar-hopping, you can try the Beer Pub Crawl package which will take you from bar to bar. Now, you can drink all you want without worrying that you will not get back home safe. There is also a Brewery Tour package available if you want to check out the local breweries of Granite Bay inside a stylish and comfortable Granite Bay Limousine.

Now, if you know someone who is going to attend a prom or a homecoming soon, then why not make the night special by trying out the School Dance and Prom Package? Imagine going to the prom inside a very glamorous limo. Now that’s making a statement! Other packages suited for fun-loving people include the Concert Package, which will bring you to the concert venue of your choice and is suited not just for artists but also for fans; and the Dinner Package, for when you want to take that special someone out in high fashion.

If there is a wedding coming up, you’d be glad to know that there is a Granite Bay Limo Wedding Package that’s available. You can choose from either a bridal limo, a couple’s limo or a limo that will take your guests to the wedding and reception venues. There are also packages for birthdays, business meetings, airport transportation, road trips, and even wine tours. Whatever you want to do in the area, you can now do with the help of our Granite Bay Limo service.

Our Granite Bay Limo package is a trusted service that will make sure that you arrive in your destination in a safe and comfortable manner.

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