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 Hiring Our Antelope Limousine Service

Situated in the northwestern part of California, Antelope has a total population of at least 45,000, according to the 2010 Census. Being part of the Sacramento County, you may hire our Antelope Limousine if you want to go around the town while you’re there for business or pleasure.

If you’re going directly to Antelope from the airport, hiring our limo service Antelope CA is your assurance of a safe and fast journey. The uniformed chauffeur knows the traffic conditions so he can take a different route to ensure that you arrive at your destination in no time at all. Our Antelope limousine service ensures your safety and time are of primary importance. As such, it assures smooth travel from the airport to Antelope. Also, the uniformed chauffeur has been trained to provide the most professional service.

Antelope has a better public school system than most areas in California. If you want to check out the schools for whatever purpose, you can hire an Antelope limousine service to take you wherever you want to go. Each professional chauffeur knows the road conditions as well as the traffic situations around Antelope. If you hire our limousine service, you can be assured of a stress-free travel because you will feel comfortable inside the limo. You can check out the schools in the Center Unified School District, the Dry Creek Joint Elementary School District, and the Roseville Joint Union High School District.

You can also hire our Antelope limousine if you want to check out the parks. The chauffer can take you to Tetotom Park near the vicinity of Antelope Crossing Middle School. You can even play tennis or volleyball there. If you’re up for some rest and recreation, you can even have barbecue or picnic there. The Antelope limousine chauffeur can also take you to Pokelma Park on Quiet Knolls Drive. You can play basketball, tennis, and baseball there.

If you’re in Antelope for business, you can hire our Antelope limousine to take you around town. Most people in the town belong to the middle class and during the 2006-2010 census, the average household income was pegged at $70,002. On a per capita income, Antelope has a lower income than the national average and even the state average. In terms of daily commute to work, residents of Antelope spend a lot of time on the road. On the average, it takes 28.2 minutes to commute daily to work. Since you’ll travel around Antelope in style, you won’t have to worry about traffic that much because you’ll find each ride to be an enjoyable one.

If you’re interested in hiring our Antelope limousine, you’ll find it easy to search for us online. There are many different limousine services to choose from. The Antelope limousine service usually charges per hour at a minimum of 3 hours. If you’re looking for a quality limo service Antelope CA then be sure to give us a call.

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